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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  October 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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junk. >> so yes it's a dirty business but we make it look good. >> reporter: an idea that started as a joke turning junk into gold. lloyd salars, fox news. the news keeps coming. here's brian bolter with the news edge at 11:00. >> the news edge continuing to follow breaking news in dc. schools chancellor michelle rhee out, calling it quits, the embattled head of dc schools plans to make it official tomorrow morning. roby chavez has been working the story all night and live in the newsroom with new reaction, roby. >> reporter: the official announcement is expected early tomorrow morning. tonight, fox5 news has learned that michelle rhee is quitting her job as chancellor of the dc public school system after three years. the news broke tonight just after vincent gray was holding his third town hall meeting in southeast. sources inside the gray camp tell fox5 news that the two could not agree to work together, so she will walk away
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from a school system in the middle of radical reform. you might remember the writing was on the wall as the two met shortly after the election on september 23rd. michelle rhee walked out of gray's office tight-lipped. the announcement of her departure is expected at a 10:30 news conference at the mayflower hotel tomorrow. rhee's expected to leave her post at the end of the month. this comes just months into the new school year. tonight, community leaders spoke about the decision and the road to replace her. >> i was hoping that michelle would, for the sake of the kids, wait until the end of the year, but i think we should thank her for what she accomplished here. it took us -- she got everybody mad, but change has begun, and i am certain that change will, you know, continue. >> reporter: now, here is what we know, deputy chancellor kaya henderson will fill in on an interim basis. she is said to be very friendly
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with the teacher's union. a permanent replacement is not expected until november, brian. >> roby chavez tonight. by the way, while we have you, what's the outlook for rhee and what is the word on who's in line to replace her? >> reporter: voig vincent gray has already ruled out cheney, who she replaced. he wants new blood in this position and doesn't want someone who's been in the system 35 years. two names talked about are former dc administrator robert bob, who's working in detroit, and baltimore school's chief andrus alonzo. we'll be at the conference tomorrow morning to learn more. stay with fox5 and for more. let's keep you up to date in chile. the rescuers are supposed to be bringing up the first of the 33 miners. the men have been underground as you know more than two months. laura evans is live at the
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chilean embassy at northwest tonight where a crowd is watching the action live on a jumbotron tonight. laura. >> reporter: it's pretty excited. they're down there outside of the chilean embassy, they're taking this party really out onto the streets, and the anticipation is obviously growing as people here are watching and waiting for this first miner to emerge, which should happen in just minutes and i have to say without sounding too dramatic, the emotions here are just palpable. they're watching the live coverage here on the jumbotron, and the crowd has been growing as the hours passed. people celebrating out here tonight hoping for a successful rescue of all 33 miners. cheering erupted just a short time ago when the capsule reached the bottom of the mine, and as the first miner began the ascension just a couple of moments ago. there are chilean diplomats here, members of the chilean community and us government officials and all have been unwaivering in their optimism. >> this is what chile is.
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chile is where one is in trouble, we all pull together, we work together to help the other one out and what you see here today, that's exactly what it is. we came here to show our support and just give them from over here, send them more positive vibes. >> this is a very emotional night. as i say, again, it's a country that is looking with great hope to be able to rescue some people who under normal circumstances would have been given up for dead, and so this is a moment of triumph in the sense of joy, and let's hope it all works out well. >> reporter: now, much of the crowd began gathering at 6:30 and are waiting obviously, anticipating with high emotions, what is going on right now. they will be out here to watch this miner brought to the surface hopefully to safety, and then watching as the next few miners come up. their plan is to be out here until 1:00 in the morning, brian, a very emotional and
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exciting night outside the chilean embassy. >> it may get real exciting here. we're told that perhaps this first miner is only about 2 minutes or so away from reaching the surface with the rescue capsule there. you can see the chains are working very hard to pull this first capsule back to the surface to bring this first of 33 trapped miners all the way up after being there for over two months. you can just imagine the anticipation that those folks are feeling right there, and you can see some of the family members. we're told there has been an order. we know the first and the last, but we don't know the rest of the individual miners that are going to be pulled to the surface, or at least what order they're going to be pulled up but we know that this first miner, who we are told is perhaps just a minute or so away from reaching the surface is on his way up. this has been a long night for the recuer efforts. the capsule, we were told
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originally went down and did a couple of last-minute tests and actually had a little bit of damage to one of the doors so it was unclear whether or not the rescuers were going to be able to proceed. it's a half mile down into the earth, and they want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect, and they don't want rocks to fall down onto the miners down below, and they don't want the efforts to be hampered or perhaps whatever else happened with the damaged door that would perhaps stop this from happening as smoothly and safely as possible. it has been too months. ultimately, they could have waited another 10 minutes, another day or two if they had to, but obviously, they felt like they were good to go in this situation, and that that mine capsule was ready to go down and pick up this first of 33 miners. laura, are there any family members there or any extended family at the chilean embassy or is it just well wishers.
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>> reporter: it's mainly well wishers. obviously the chilean ambassadors and other officials and u.s. government officials. interestingly enough, there is a member of nasa here that was there in chile consulting on bringing these miners up to the top, what they might go through, comparing this possible to being in outer space, so there's a lot of people who have been involved in creating this rescue effort, and the first steps are here tonight but no, no family members, just a lot of well wishers and people who are supporting chile and sending their good vibes. >> the first miner is florencio avalos. that is the first of the 33 who is going to be coming up to the surface now, and it looks like those wires are cranking hard, that is for sure, to get this first miner up safe and sound. you can imagine the adjustment that she's going to have just
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coming to the surface, and laura mentioned that there have been nasa astronauts there on site to sort of guide this process when you're in isolation for so long, they haven't seen the sun in two months, so that alone, they're going to have to come up with special goggles, special sunglasses to make sure they don't damage their eyes, and that's just the first of many adjustments that florencio avalos is going to have to go through, and then this process will be repeated 32 more times as they go down. it could take two days ultimately we're told to get every one of these miners out. but you know, this happened in pennsylvania years back, and originally, the miners in pennsylvania were told it could take -- it could take up to an hour to get the surface for each one of them, and they were preparing for the long haul and ultimately took them only about 15 minutes or so to bring one miner to the surface and go back
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down and get another one. while we're told in the outset here, keep in mind, this could take perhaps 36 to 48 hours to get all of these miners up and out of the heart of the earth, it could perhaps go faster than that, depending on how quickly the original one goes and if everything is safe and sound. we're staying on top of it. we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back. 
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>> he is 2 minutes away from reaching the earth's surface the first time in over two months. as we watch this closely, laura evans is live at the chilean in dc where well wishers are watching along with you on the jumbotron on this beautiful night down there. laura, i can imagine the anticipation building. >> reporter: oh, it's a very emotional night, brian, and you can hear possibly behind me,
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there are members of a dance troop, a chilean dance troop who are here, they're singing, they're chanting, and as the night has worn on, as they've become closer to this moment of this emerging first miner, the emotions have grown 10-fold. it's just incredible, and the crowd has grown here. people just walking by. >> there we go, it looks like -- i don't know if you can see the jumbotron but it looks like they're pulling him up. [cheers] >> you can hear the background there, laura evans live at the chilean embassy in dc. you get the sound of the crowd, and as we watch very intently, florencio avalos in that rescue capsule, his family, oh, look at that. his family is standing nearby, and it looks like the emotions are overwhelming them as they watch this capsule finally reach the surface. just an amazing sight.
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and hopefully, we'll get a peek of florenceio the first time as he steps out onto terra firma for the first time in more than two months now. . [chanting] >> everybody getting a good look there, the rescuers checking on florenceio, talking to him a little bit. it was a long trip up. he was down a half mile into the earth's crust, and the rescueerce are rescuers are talking a little bit and there he is. [applause] >> what an emotional scene playing out there. any father can certainly appreciate that scene. anybody for that matter. he's got the special goggles on we talked about, and just to make sure that his eyesight is
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okay, and make sure that, you know, his senses are all right after being deprived of so much down in that mind. laura, what's the situation out there where you are? >> reporter: oh, brian, my goodness, i'm even having a hard time hearing you because there's so much celebrating going on. the ambassador -- i don't know if your shot is on us, but the ambassador is pouring champagne right now, a couple of bottles corked already. the dance troop is dancing, waving their flags and celebrating. this is a great moment of national pride tonight, brian, and they've talked about this being the triumph of the human spirit as the people here have come together to support this rescue effort and to celebrate these families reuniting the first time in 69 days. it's incredible, brian. >> you hit on a great point, laura, the triumph of the human spirit. from all the reports we've seen, we've even seen pictures of
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these miners down below while being trapped, they have been in such great spirit and appears they have been able to handle this mentally about as well as anybody possibly could, and we know there's a lot of chilean pride for being determined and being mentally strong, and we know that the folks there certainly believe that was the case in these miners, and it certainly shows as florencio avalos, the very first of 33 miners trapped for more than two months finally reaching t earth's surface, and hugs all around, a son there giving his father a big hug, and the champagne flowing at the chilean embassy in northwest dc, quite a scene playing out here tonight. keep in mind, this is going to go on for another, we are told, day and-a-half. we hope not as long. we hope it goes a little quicker for the 32 left still down below, but this is a scene that i think we all would love to see
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32 more times. >> big thumb's up as they wheel florencio avalos off to get checked on, make sure that he is physically well, emotionally well, and it certainly looked like he was doing fine for us, and what an amazing sight to behold tonight, a long time coming. we'll stay on top of it and of course will have the very latest on as well, we'll be right back. i
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woman 1 sync: i knew what bob ehrlich did as governor. man 1 sync: raised my property taxes 60 percent. woman 2 sync: let utilities hike our rates 72 percent. woman 1 sync: but i didn't know what he's done since he got fired as governor. man 2: ehrlich's raked in millions. man 3: he worked for a wall street bank that took 10 billion dollars from the bailout. woman 3: 10 billion of our money. woman 4: our money. woman 5 sync: and he worked for another bank that collapsed. man 4: costing tax payers 17 million. anncr: tell bob ehrlich big banks don't need help. middle class marylanders do. >> staying on top of the breaking news now, florencio avalos, the first of 33 miners
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to be rescued has finally surfaced after 69 days underground. you can see the pictures there of the rescuers. this is live from the scene of the mine shaft. florenceio has already been wheeled off on a stretcher to make sure he is physically well as much as emotionally, and now the rescue efforts continue to get the other 32 miners still trapped below the earth's surface a half mile down. he climbed out of the capsule and was immediately raced by rescuers and others. clapping and cheering, same with the situation at the chilean embassy here in dc northwest where they are pouring champagne and cheering on the human spirit of chile as the first of 33 miners finally surfaced. we're told he was about 16 minutes in that capsule before finally reaching the surface, 23 feet -- rather, 2300 feet down below. it has been a long n2300 feet
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down below. it has been a long time coming and 31-year-old florencio avalos is one happy man tonight. quite an emotional scene as we saw the father and son embrace there. we saw the corks popping here in northwest dc, and it looks like all of this is giving a renewed vigor or renewed life to the rescue efforts and it's going to be a long time. we're told it could be another 36 hours before they could finally get the other 32 finally up to the surface. let's check in with laura evans at the chilean embassy in northwest dc for a little bit more of the scene, laura. >> reporter: yeah, brian, the chilean dancers are doing their thing, the champagne has been uncorked, and they are drinking champagne. people are celebrating, dancing, they were just singing the chilean national anthem. let's show you some of the dancing that's going on just below the jumbotron where they have been watching this whole
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event unfold, a very dramatic night anticipating the first miners' emergence, and when he came to the top, the cheering was just very loud and very strong, and many, many days waiting for this moment. the crowd has grown out here even more as people walk by and see people celebrating. they want to get in on the celebrating, whether they're chilean or not. there are heads of state here, the chilean ambassador walking past me right here, members of the department of state, people who have been watching this very closely the past several days, and couple of months, and the chant you are hearing right now is a chant that has been developed just for the miners. it was something that i believe the miners started, and it's been taken upon -- these people have been chanting that throughout the evening in solidarity with the miners. they've been also, brian, filling out a book of messages, writing down messages, that that
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book will be sent to the miners once they're all out, and messages of well wishes. they want to let these men know that they've been watching them from the very beginning, back to you. >> and the party continues in northwest dc, the serious rescue attempts continue down in chile. we'll be right back. he wants to fix maryland. but he increased state spending by record amounts. ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees... including property taxes... and a 40% increase in college tuition. and now he's made over $1 billion in new promises... with no plans to pay for them... except for cutting education. cuts that will lay off teachers and increase class sizes. that's not a budget. and bob ehrlich's not the kind of leader... we can trust. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting.
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>> quite the drama unfolding tonight but we want to check in on the weather.
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>> it's a nice night in northwest for everyone at the chilean embassy, and it's a beautiful moment , and we have the perfect weather to celebrate. 65 degrees across dc, no rain or thunderstorms, and it looks like we are on track to have a really spectacular wednesday, but it's not going to be nearly as warm as it was today. check out the high temperatures, we were 83 degrees today, that was a record tying 83 at dulles. we're going to knock at least 10, maybe 15 degrees off it tomorrow. also didn't get to mention this as 10:00. hurricane paula has become a strong category 2 hurricane, near cosumele moving to the north, and they'll get some rain, 3 to 6 inches, and it will go to cuba as well and it will weaken to a depression sometime over the weekend but it will be a tremendous amount of rain in this part of the world. be aware of that if you have concerns or maybe have plans to travel in that region. for the forecast tonight, a few clouds for us, 40s in the
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suburbs, dropping to about 60 to 62 degrees in the district, and it's already down to 65 so that's going to be real doable for us. tomorrow, late in the day some high, thin clouds. considerably cooler than it was yesterday so we'll describe the day as a sunny, cool one, rain-free as well, by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, 69 degrees, and the rain is coming and for thursday, and knocking our temperatures down to 62. friday and saturday 64, so all of a sudden it feels like late october and not early august or early september as it has the past couple of days. here comes the showers, mainly in here on thursday, especially the middle part of the day, and they race out of here by thursday evening but we could have a wrap-around shower on friday. quick look at your five-day forecast and you can see all of these cooler temperatures, but we're sunny again and comfortable for the weekend and
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the mid-60s. thanks for watching. we'll be right back. i
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>> good evening, gillbert arenas didn't play in the widzards' preseason opener. he had a sore left knee but gill told the associated press he was trying to get nick young some playing time and told nick he would fake an injury. pretty sure you're not allowed
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to do that. late first quarter, finds nick young getting playing time, 7-9 from the arc in the first half. he had 30, wizards by 1 after 1. second quarter to veil mcghee on the field, and the second quarter. he might have taken a trip with that traveling. wizards led 63-49 at the half, third quarter, jon walsh, no trouble there, wizards win and improve to 3-1 in the preseason after another passing grade for their rookie. the fifth and deciding game of the alds, visiting rangers with the rays, bottom of the 9th, a pop up to left, elvis andrus makes the catch and the rangers beat the rays 5-1. it's the first playoff series win in rangers' history. it will be the rangers


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